During the third and fourth months of the project, local workshops was held in the target cities with multi-stakeholder groups. These workshops aim at consolidating the teams of stakeholders that will be associated with the project, and inviting each team to jointly map out city-specific issues of shared concern. The teams will then prioritize among the identified issues in order to arrive at a first version of a strategic inquiry and action plan.

Documentation from the workshop in Utrecht

Documentation from the workshop in Malmö

Documentation from the workshops in Newcastle

Engaging participants

When we are inviting participants from our cities into the GAIA-project it might be useful to use story telling as a method. A good story could include the following elements:

1. Framing: chosing a clear perspective to communicate the GAIA-project
2. Advocating: explaining why GAIA is interesting and useful to join.
3. Illustrating: giving examples of how GAIA will benifit the particular stakeholder/s
4. Inquiring: opening up for a dialogue with the stakeholder/s

To attract the interest of different stakeholders the "GAIA-story" might need to be adjusted to their particular orientation and interests.

Useful material for engaging participants

Tool for identifying participants:

Draft outline of the workshop:

Stories about two cities in the SUS-programme meant to serve as inspiration for engaging stakeholders in GAIA

An example of how to frame the invitation to stakeholders (taken from the SUS-programme):

Generic invitation to use to frame city-wise invitations