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Time flies, and suddenly our three years in the GAIA project are coming to an end. We now invite you to gather in Malmö, for a final international workshop to celebrate and share the lessons we learned about how to put “Global Awareness In(to) Action”!

We look forward to seeing you!
/The GAIA team in Malmö

Dates: 6-8 October 2015
Please notify the estimated number of participants per city to Emma during July.
Final registration of the city teams: September 18th
Venue: Scandic Triangeln,
Address: Triangeln 2, 211 43 Malmo
Phone: +46 40 693 47 00
Fax: +46 40 693 47 11
E-mail: triangeln@scandichotels.com
For further information, contact emma.borjesson@malmo.se
Practical information will follow after the summer vacations.

Drafted program:

Tuesday October 6th
Opening session: Open breakfast seminar
• Introduction – the what, why and how of GAIA.
• “GAIA – these are a few of our favorite things” – presentation of the best local activities tested out in the four GAIA partner
cities (15 minutes per city team), followed by a joint discussion
• The keys to engagement – inspirational talk


Study visists
• Bike Tour to Western Harbour, a sustainable area of Malmö regarding energy, infrastructure and housing.
• Bike tour to visit an urban farming project called Stadsbruk, an initiative to support small scale growing and selling veggies.
• IKEA Malmö, “the worlds greenest IKEA-store” - how can a consumer-driven company work with sustainability at the world
Evening programme: Celebration of GAIA-project!
Cook-along with Tapori Tiffins/Rude Food. Tappori Tiffins is a restaurant that works with locally produced, organic and fair
trade products. The restaurant also hosts the Rude Food-project, that works to minimize food waste.

Wednesday October 7th
• Presentation: Sustainability work of the Malmö-festival (Biggest City-festival in Sweden).
In parallel - project leader meeting
• Tool box – input and discussion
• Discussions about lessons learnt.


• Workshop session: A look to the Future – continuation of networking/activities in and between the cities after GAIA
• Closing session

Thursday October 8th
Study visits
• Go! Malmö, a GAIA-supported campaign to support and promote sustainable choices in the city center. Visit by foot
• Connectors Malmö – Citizens dialogue and involvement in recreating the area of Persborg.
• Rosengård – a city district in Malmö where renovations and physical changes were put through with a large involvement of
residents in order to bring about ecological, social and economically sustainable development.

The drafted program might be subject to change.