Here are digital versions of our

Final Narrative Report

Financial report

Audit report

External evaluation report

Request for payment

Final international workshop report

List of GAIA Local Core groups in the partner cities 2015

Examples of EU-visibility during local activities: A selection of pictures, invitations & poster material 2015

Research & publications (all can be downloaded from
  • Printed web log of
  • The Inquiry Based Approach (IBA) – a facilitator’s handbook
  • Slutrapport från en studie av Malmös satsning på Lärande för hållbar utveckling (in Swedish)
  • Enabling Sustainable Choices in Everyday Life – 12 strategies to promote behaviour change
  • Understanding how context influences collaborative planning: an analytical framework
  • På väg mot demokratiska kunskapsprocesser? – Utvärdering bortom New Public Management (in Swedish)
  • Think Mindful and go green (Master thesis)
  • THE PERFECT RESULT - Effective sustainable behavioral change in four steps

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