Please share your experiences of evaluating GAIA-activities based on the questions below. You can write your answers directly on the page or upload a file if you prefer that.
  • What was the event? (Example: An inspirational evening)
  • What was the immediate result of the event? (100 signed up, and 70 people actually came. Good athmosphere. We were happy about it.)
  • How did you plan evaluation? (we planned to use a written feedback form at the end of the evening)
  • What was the result of the evaluation? (60% answered the feedback form, xx% thought this, xx% thought that…etc)
  • Reflection on the activity? (Next time we should send out a reminder one day before, so that everyone comes that has signed up)
  • Reflection on the evaluation method? (This worked good/bad, because… It was easy/a lot of work. We got good/bad response. Next time we should do like this instead:…. It would be better to ask the questions like this instead… Etc)
  • Is there a need to do a follow up evaluation after a certain period in order to measure changes in behaviour?

Malmö, evaluation of Our Fair and Global City Oct 16 2013:

Nieuwegein, evaluation of our activities in 2014: